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The 5 To-Do's before your first import. pdf
Ge the Import Course

Processing your first import could be costly.

When you do not have the requirements to import any goods, it's easy for things to go wrong-and to feel bad for not knowing in advance what you needed. After all you often hear just send the goods with FedEx or DHL, am I right.

Can we tell you the problem in few words? It is frustrating and slow trying to fix an issue after it's been discovered days later. Also, it's totally normal to worry and think that you won't be able find the solution soon.

You just need the right skills and experience so you can be confident on your next import.

We have the course you need. As experienced customs broker, we have worked with thousands of products and solved issues  just like the ones first importers have. Our import courses teaches you simple processes and don'ts so you can import any product you want.

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Because Imports Shouldn't be Difficult to Handle.

Your Course, Your Terms

At your own pace, you will save time and money when building your import skills.

Master the Regulations

Without being a customs broker, you will master import laws, requirements and procedures.

Make Money

You will have knowledge from multiple agencies that is highly valuable for most companies. 

We Know How Frustrating Working With a Broker Is when You Do Not Have the Full Import Requirements Up Front.

    • We helped dozens of customers to import compliantly and we will help you too.
    • With our 10+ years of experience, our course can teach how to work with import issues and delays.
    • We have saved our customers¬†hundreds of hours¬†not allowing delays processing customs clearance ahead of time.
    • We have taught Other Government Agencies "OGAs" requirements.
    • Never have to worry for jobs security for the numerous roles you can do.¬†
         We will be your Guide.

How the Import Process Works.

Step One: Identify Parties

Understand requirements of parties that will be involved in the import of your product to prepare needed documentation.

Step Two: Submit Entry

Have the basics customs laws and regulations to submit customs entry and pay applicable duties & taxes.

Step Three: Execute

Know the extra requirements for the different products to import and apply on case-by-case basis.


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The 5 To-Do's before your first import

    At ComplywithTrade.

  • We only teach comprehensive and actionable import courses.
  • We cover the most important regulations so¬†you to start importing without the need to wait until you learn all the regulations.
  • You only focus on requirements you need to learn so you can see results right away after completing our courses.
  • Our course efficiency will make your imports¬†improve your skillset and will provide you high value and great salary compensation.
  • And, if after¬†going through the course you are not satisfied, no hard feelings we know this course does not fit everyone's needs we have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.